Sailing models of RG65 yachts
Being quite new, just 45 years old, radio-controlled sailing yachts RG65 is already internationally recognized class. Skippers of those yachts are meeting frequently in different parts of the world for friendly competitions. National and international championships are held each year.
"Siber A" Project
All our efforts for your satisfaction. "Siber A" is a model of a RG-65 radio-controlled racer yacht. We applied all our knowledge and skills in technology and modeling experience to instill the boat with sport character, collector`s look and a faultless performance.

The hull of the boat as well as majority of its parts is manufactured using vacuum infusion technology. It means that materials for all layers being placed into mold to be first dried to 0% humidity, and then air is being extracted and the epoxy resin is injected into the mold. At the end of the process finished product being placed into drying chamber to allow complete polymerization of resin under optimal condition. This method allows us to avoid any micro-bulbs in laminated materials due to epoxy resin totally covering fibers of fabrics and wood.

Flawless hull surface provides for minimum friction factor while optimization of other parameters provides for minimum wetted area and frontal projection.

We performed multiple tests and currently you can choose from more than twenty types of wood to make for the hull. All wood undergoes a rigorous inspections and process of stabilization, when wood is being dried up to 0% humidity, than impregnated with specific composites. With this technology we guarantee hull stability for a very long period of time.

You may choose bronze of stainless steel for deck fittings and bulb tips. We apply modern technology to make every metal part – we 3D-print prototypes and than we cast the details of metal.

Our project is a fusion of digital technologies and patient hand work, advanced materials as well as traditional ones.

We did it at our best for you.
Sincerely yours, Sibersails Team

Composite carbon–wooden
boat hull
You can order hull for your yacht which will suit your style most. You can choose from 20 different types of wood for individual components, thus creating unique look for your yacht.

All components individually milled from real wood veneer on CNC-machine and chemically processed to ensure longevity of our yacht.

During final assembly, wooden parts being "sandwiched" between layer of carbon-fiber and fiber-glass and injected with specially formulated epoxy resin, creating unique light-weight and strong hull with beautiful finish.
Attention to details
There are special metal tips to protect the lead bulb. We cast them of a hard metal and clue them in the bulb.

We make dural sail's servo arm beam with the use of CNC with a ball bearing inside the pulley.

We employ jewellary technologies to make each metal fitting of the wreck – 3D printer grows prototypes and then we cast them of metal, either bronze or stainless steel up to your desire.
Carbon fiber composite rudder blade is made applying vacuum infusion in rigid mold technology. The light core is inside the composite of the blade and decorative carbon 80 g/m2 fiber covers it outside. The rudder blade is attached to the hull with collet fixture, allowing effortless installation/removal of rudder.
Model "Siber A"
Siber A is a model of a RG-65 radio-controlled racer yacht. We applied our entire knowledge and skills in technology and modeling experience to instill the boat with sport character, collector`s look and a faultless performance.
Alex Vergin
Sergey Alexeev
Max Voytov
Our team
We never stop in our quest to bring Sibersails yachts to a new level.
Engineer and modellist.
Creates the perfect look of our boats
Project chief designer. Always in pursuit of a perfect yacht
Marine architect. The founder and the driving force of the Project
Maybe You?
Co-Investor and/or global marketing director is welcome to join our team.
The price of a base kit of hull, rudder and keel with a bulb. is USD $1,618. We offer 16.18% discount during pre-order period, reducing the price to USD $1,356
The price of sails and mast will be available later.
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